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Mike Murk

Directed by:
Avery Henley
of Henly Productions

latest album

prayer life 11.16

  1. Welcome You 3:02
  2. God Wit Me 0:58
  3. Pray About It 1:23
  4. Wit It 0:57
  5. I Ain t Trippin 0:59
  6. How It Go 0:44
  7. Prayer I 0:47
  8. Not the One 0:45
  9. The World We Live In 0:33
  10. The Kingdom 0:45
  11. Amen 0:53
  12. Prayer II 0:47
  13. I Do 2 You 0:45
  14. You Are Somebody 0:51
  15. Only One I Need 0:57
  16. Ain t No Way 0:40

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About Me

Mike Murk

Mike Murk is an American hip hop recording artist, songwriter, pianist, and producer. He was born and raised in Waycross, GA and grew up a few miles outside of the city in a small location little known as Bickley. Since a young age, Mike has always enjoyed hip hop music and his love for it inspired him to begin writing lyrics on his own when he was only 15 years old. After recording his first song a couple of years later at a home based studio in a shed in the backyard of his friend’s house, he then decided to take music more seriously. Over the years while being influenced by the likes of T.I, Jeezy, and Eminem; Mike developed himself as an artist and has acquired many skills that have helped him shape the sound and feel of his recordings. His passion has led him to teach himself how to write, record, produce, mix, and master, which has also led to the birth of his debut album “Prayer Life” that was released in November of 2016. The message that is conveyed through his music is founded upon biblical principles that exhibit moral excellence without compromise at all whatsoever. So although he enjoys creating and performing his songs, he never does any of it without a purpose. He has a desire to accomplish what God has created him for, and does not want to exit Earth without making an impact that will not only affect this current generation but also generations that will follow. His actions are a reflection of his words that prove his authenticity. He has pure motives and that is another trait that demonstrates how truly special he really is. Today Mike Murk is currently preparing to begin building his next LP titled “No Matter What”. Seeking to lay the foundation of a new standard that is necessary in the world we are living in today.

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Mike Murk Music
P.O. Box 2156
Waycross, GA 31502

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